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Olivia Caputo

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I have been fascinated by travel and culture from a very young age, and it has always been a goal of mine to travel around the world. I accomplished that goal in 2019 when I touched down in North Africa to explore Morocco. Having visited 6 out of the 7 continents, my next goal is to make it to the world’s largest desert – Antarctica!

In addition to visiting different countries, I am passionate about ALL aspects of the travel industry including airline economics, itinerary planning, and hotel properties. Because the travel industry is constantly changing and evolving, I believe in consistently learning about up-to-date policies and procedures. I take a holistic approach to travel planning while still paying attention to the important details. I consider a client’s interests, budget, activity levels, and requests while managing the logistics of a vacation, such as time changes, baggage regulations, and visa requirements.

Fun Fact: When I’m traveling, I always go on outdoor adventures like skiing and scuba diving, but I’m also a homebody! I enjoy listening to music and crocheting while relaxing at home.

Patti Shields

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I have enjoyed a career of over 35 years, working in the travel industry.  I have had the excitement of experiencing many destinations.  I must say though,  my favorites would be the beautiful country of Italy and then for some fun and relaxation in the sun, the Caribbean island of Aruba. As I move forward, my role here at Skyline Travel is to support our knowledgeable team of travel advisors.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Myria Kelly

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With over 20 years of experience I am a certified specialist in destinations around the globe, including Aruba, Grand Cayman, St. Lucia, Ireland, Scotland, Portugal.

Whether it’s arranging meetings/groups itineraries for business travelers or working out the logistics for a family vacation, I enjoy planning itineraries for corporate travelers as well as leisure clients.

The reason that I started in travel is that I truly believe that when you travel, you see the world in whole new ways.  I wholeheartedly believe that travel is not about money but about courage.  Therefore, my ideal clients are courageous.  They are willing to break out of their comfort zones and try something new.  They realize that you do not have to spend a lot of money to have unbelievable experiences.


Andrea Sarno

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I was born in Minnesota where I grew up loving the cold outdoors and spending time in the woods skiing and hiking. In college I pursued a degree in Biology with a minor in Chemistry, while still enjoying the outdoors. I lived in Alaska while working for the salmon industry and am still in awe of Alaska’s beauty. I moved to Chicago to pursue my Masters degree and married my husband.

I am a scientist by education, and in my former life taught high school science and was also employed at the Shedd Aquarium. After I had my son, I decided to stay at home with my growing family while doing contract work for various museums. As my children grew older, I wanted to do something outside the home and that is when Patti and Brian asked if I wanted to join them at Skyline. I have always had the travel bug and I love spending time in new places discovering new things.

As I evolve in the travel industry my love for Europe and places afar have grown. While I love planning getaways to warm Caribbean destinations, I am driven by the details involved in a complex adventure overseas. I have a passion for putting trips together that are seamless and stress free. A client may dream of an Italian family vacation – but not realize the complexities of securing tours well in advance and the difficulties of finding rooms that accommodate families. I work very hard to make sure my clients have itineraries that take care of them from the time they get to the airport until they return home. I spend time researching and cultivating relationships with suppliers to find the most reputable hotels, tour guides, restaurants and transportation to meet the needs of my clients. I understand that vacations are very expensive and I take the responsibility of planning the best vacation I can very seriously for each of my clients. The best part of my job is hearing back from a happy client and they tell me that their trip was stress-free and seamless.